The Regroupement has given itself the mission of providing support to Master’s and Ph.D. students directed or co-directed by member professor-researchers. Funded research projects make it possible to welcome postdoctoral fellows and graduate students as research officers and assistants in the Regroupement’s research teams. 

Graduate students can also count on supplemental, relief and complementary scholarships designed to help them carry out and successfully complete their studies. This financial aide also encourages exchanges and mobility of students between member universities and research centres.

Eligible students must be directed or co-directed by a researcher or an associate researcher who is a member of the Regroupement.

The purpose of these scholarships is to:

  • provide Master’s and Ph.D. students with financial support so that they can successfully pursue their studies;
  • promote exchanges and mobility of students among member universities and research centres.

Exceptions aside, supplemental and relief scholarships can be received in addition to other grants and scholarships. They provide financial support for:

  • students who have completed their coursework and wish to work full-time on their Master’s thesis, directed study or doctoral dissertation;
  • fieldwork to gather data needed for the student’s thesis or dissertation;
  • students with an excellent record but whose financial situation hinders their ability to continue their studies.

Applications are assessed and funding is awarded on the basis of:

  • quality of the application;
  • project completion status;
  • general excellence of the academic record.

The amounts granted may vary depending on the number and quality of applications received.

Contact information

For further information concerning financial support applications, please contact Gilles de Saint-Exupéry by email at:

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